Occupancy & Space Utilization Sensors

CoWorkr, a subsidiary of R-Zero, offers a suite of privacy-first sensors that stream real-time occupancy & space utilization data.

Our platform integrates with AgilQuest’s Forum to improve meeting room availability and deliver additional analytics.


Forum + CoWorkr Integration

  • Identify and eliminate chronic ghost-meetings (unused reservations) increasing meeting room availability.
  • Obtain accurate meeting room utilization data (Via Forum Analytics)
  • Understand how often each meeting space is used and the average duration. (Via CoWorkr’s Analytics Platform)
  • Use the data & analytics to make short- and long-term decisions about your workplace and real estate.

CoWorkr Resources

CoWorkr Sensor Suite

CoWorkr offers a full suite of workplace intelligence sensors:

  • Workpoint Sensors
  • Workspace Counters
  • Threshold Counters
  • Environmental Sensors

CoWorkr | Return

CoWorkr offers additional occupancy data tools to help your organization return to the workplace.

Leverage your Forum + CoWorkr sensor investment beyond eliminating ghost meeting rooms to enable a safer return to the office.

Case Study

Learn how CoWorkr ‘s Analytics helped a USA-based utilities firm cut “Ghost-Meetings” by 20%.

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