Meeting Machines

Digital Panels for Meeting Rooms and Lobby Kiosks

Meeting Machines specializes in digital displays for conference room management. AgilQuest pre-approved and fully integrated. Includes Win 10 OS, touchscreen, indicator lights, and RFID.  These stylish displays are an attractive choice for your office, and this proven design has less than 1% failure rate over many years of use.

Meeting Machines Room Kiosks ds 620x418

The Meeting Machines + AgilQuest Partnership

  • Meeting Machines has been a valued partner since 2017 delivering a digital solution tailored to the AgilQuest Forum functionality.
  • Delivered pre-loaded with MS Window and Forum to enable a plug and play easy setup.
  • Meeting Machines will send a product sample loaded with Forum to AgilQuest customers to test.
  • Utilize a built in RFID reader to enable AgilQuest customers to easily check in to a meeting or authenticate for interactive use.
  • Ensure reliability and long life with a < 1% Failure Rate on your digital panels. (Meeting Machines has deployed thousands of devices to AgilQuest customers with near zero failure.)
  • AgilQuest + Meeting Machines are the only TAA and PIV card-compliant solution for use by the US Government and TAA compliant organizations.

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Room Kiosk

Available in 11.6” and 15.6” sizes and ships with a wall mount specially designed for the Room Kiosk displays for a flush to the wall fit. 


Meeting Machines configures (pre-shipping) your display with the Forum RoomKiosk app for a do it yourself plug and play install.  We can also provide full onsite installation services at a low-cost using Meeting Machines technicians.

Room Kiosk Demo

See AgilQuest Forum + Meeting Machines in action – Badge-in, check-in, and schedule a meeting.

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