Electronic Paper Signs for Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, and More.

Our wireless and battery-powered electronic paper signs (EPS) provide the most cost-effective option for displaying workspace and room reservations throughout your facilities.

Visix also offers a full suite of innovative signage for other facility applications.

The AgilQuest + Visix Partnership

  • Show availability and current and upcoming reservations right at the workspace or meeting room.
  • Incorporate the AgilQuest QR codes enabling the user to see upcoming availability, check-in, or reserve on the spot.
  • Deploy EPS battery-powered and wireless signs without worrying about electrical power or network cables.
  • Customize the display of reservation information to fit your needs.

Visix Resources

Meeting Room & Workspace Signs

Learn about all the product options from Visix for displaying workspace and room reservations.

Corporate Communication

Visix helps organizations communicate better with digital signage. See our enterprise platform for more information.

Interactive Signage

Interested in interactive directories, or voice activated signage for your facilities? Take a look at all the interactive experiences Visix can create for you.

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