Conference Room Scheduling Software

A conference room scheduling software for easy and efficient collaboration.

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, our cloud-based conference room scheduling software streamlines room selection processes and helps employees add amenities with less hassle. The system is easy-to-use and makes it simple for employees to find their perfect conference room in advance or in an instant, in the office or on-the-go.

Plus, it provides the organization the necessary analytics and reporting to understand how their space is being used and what their office might need more or less of.

Easily Create & Manage Conference Room Reservations

Search for the perfect meeting room with just the right amenities, location, and the right people.

Increase Collaboration
& Productivity

Reserve the right conference room for your team, use platforms you already know, and run seamless meetings.

Manage Reservations
from Anywhere

Find, book, and manage your conference room reservations in the office, at home, or on the road with your mobile app.

Increase Efficiency of
Conference Room Usage

Eliminate unused conference rooms and the fear of double-booked rooms, and easily know what rooms are available or not at-a-glance.


See How Your People Use Your Conference Rooms

Understand how your conference rooms are being used, how often, and by whom, with in-depth reporting and analytics.

Optimize Your

Use the data gathered to help make short- and long-term decisions so that you are using your space and resources most efficiently.

Easily Create & Manage Conference Room Reservations

When you implement a conference room scheduling software, you're giving employees the ability to reserve the meeting room they need where and when they need it.

Increase Collaboration & Productivity

With Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, you can easily find and reserve the conference room with the necessary amenities and run a seamless meeting.

Manage Reservations from Anywhere

Easily manage and modify your meetings on the go. Change the meeting time, location, or check-in to the room right from your phone.

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Increase Efficiency of Meeting Room Usage

A conference room scheduling software makes sure you are utilizing your meeting rooms to the fullest. No more double bookings. Uncertainty whether you will be able to find a conference room. Just a seamless meeting experience.


See How Your People Use Your Conference Rooms

Quickly answer how your conference rooms are being used, whether you need smaller meeting room options vs. larger rooms or vice versa, and more.

With double booking no longer an issue, see how your conference rooms are really being utilized.
  • Which ones are used most often?
  • Are reservations being made and then bumped often?
  • Are spaces being used once they are put back into the system?

Most importantly, use reporting, analytics, and utilization tracking to manage your resources. We help you gather workspace utilization data to make informed decisions. See how often conference rooms are being used by whom, and how many people are using each room so you can improve office space ROI.​

Optimize Your Workplace

The data provided by your desk booking system gives you the answers you need to make short- and long-term decisions about how to better support your workforce in the workplace.

With analytics gathered around conference room usage over time, you have the insights needed to decide whether you have the right resources for your company.

You might see:

Continuing to gather and analyze data regarding your office space utilization will help you make short- and long-term goals and decisions.

Getting Back to the Workplace

Physical Distancing for the Office: Safely distance your people by managing conference rooms a little differently.

Contact Tracing: Know where and when your employees have been in the unfortunate case of a positive COVID test.

Sanitization: Employees feel safer knowing workspaces and conferences rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

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