Desk Booking System

A desk booking system that makes it easy for your employees to find the best place to work and be productive in the dynamic workplace.

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, our cloud-based desk booking software, supports the flexible workforce to encourage innovation, productivity, and engagement. Whether you need to support a new hoteling, hot desking program, a hybrid model that includes telework, or ready to find a better system for your established workplace program, Reserve creates a seamless environment. The system is easy-to-use and makes it simple for employees to find their perfect workspace, quickly locate their teammates, secure on the spot touchdown space, and much more.

Plus, it provides the organization the necessary analytics and reporting to understand how their space is being used and what their office might need more or less of.

Drive Choice & Flexibility

Give your employees as much flexibility as they need. Make it easy to find the best workspace and manage upcoming reservations.

Increase Collaboration & Productivity

Choose the type of workspace that’s right for your needs each day, and easily find and collaborate with your team.

Enable a Mobile Workforce

Find and book a desk when it’s convenient to you; whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the 

Encourage Efficient Use of Space & Manage Occupancy

Eliminate unused workspaces, manage neighborhoods and distancing, and make it easy to view availability and secure a desk on the spot.

See How Your People Use Your Space

Know how your office space is being used, which workspaces are most popular, who’s in the office, and more with in-depth reporting and analytics.

Optimize Your Workplace

Use the data gathered to help make short- and long-term decisions so that you are using your space and resources most efficiently.

Drive Choice & Flexibilty

When you choose a desk booking system like Tango Reserve by AgilQuest to manage your dynamic workplace, you are giving your employees the choice and flexibility they need and desire.

Increase Collaboration & Productivity

With Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, you can provide a variety of workspaces, offering more options to your employees based on their work needs and styles.

Enable a Mobile Workforce

Use Reserve's desk booking mobile app for a touchless way to find and claim a workspace from anywhere.

Encourage Efficient Use of Space & Manage Occupancy

A desk booking system gives you the tool to utilizing your office space to the fullest, while still managing occupancy and supporting flexibility. No more unused workspaces. No more uncertainty about space availability. Just a seamless workplace experience.

See How Your People Use Your Space

Quickly answer how your office space is being utilized, what workspaces are used most often, when the office is the busiest, and more.

Optimize Your Workplace

The data provided by your desk booking system gives you the answers you need to make short- and long-term decisions about how to better support your workforce in the workplace.

If you look around the office in most organizations, you’ll discover around 50% of the desks are vacant on any given day due to worker mobility. People are working from home, traveling to another site, out sick or working elsewhere outside the office.

With the average cost at $10,000 per year per desk, it’s easy to imagine how much these vacant desks cost the organization, waste valuable resources, and contribute to the carbon footprint.

Instead, with Tango Reserve by AgilQuest in place you can:

Getting Back to the Workplace

Physical Distancing for the Office: Safely distance your people by managing workspaces a little differently.

Contact Tracing: Know where and when your employees have been in the unfortunate case of a positive COVID test.

Sanitization: Employees feel safer knowing workspaces and conferences rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

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