Office Space Utilization Analytics

Understand Your Space with Office Utilization Analytics


AgilQuest delivers trusted analytics on any size screen.

Knowing how much office space you have and where it is allocated isn’t enough. Successfully managing your real estate means optimizing your office space utilization. You need to know how much space you’re actually using and, more importantly, how much you’re not using. That’s why you need software that shows your office space utilization analytics. 


AgilQuest’s Space Utilization Analytics software helps organizations use data to get accurate, reliable answers to their top occupancy and utilization questions.  Working hand-in-hand with transactional, right-now data gathered from our workplace management platform you have immediate access to information needed to support strategic business and workplace decisions.


Office Space Utilization Analytics – Questions, Answered

With a number of customizable dashboards and exportable reports, space and occupancy planners, real estate executives and even property and workplace managers have all the information they need to answer questions like:


  • How much can I reduce/avoid occupancy costs?
  • Who are good candidates for flexible, shared working?
  • Who needs assigned workspaces to be productive?
  • What is a good target “Worker to Workplace Ratio”?
  • How many additional people can I support in my space?
  • What days of the week are the busiest in my offices?
  • How much space do I need for our upcoming lease renewal?
  • Which spaces, or space types, are use most often? Least often?
  • Can I program my space better for our upcoming move?


Download a sample guide of some of the Office Space Utilization Analytics and Reports available to give you the powerful information you need.



Space Utilization Studies


Measure before you build!


Whether you’re thinking about renovating, planning for a new workplace program, or looking at an upcoming lease renewal or space purchase, you must look at your office space utilization analytics and occupancy data before making any decisions about your space.  You may know how much space is assigned or reserved, but do you really know how often your people are coming into the office and actually utilizing the space?   AgilQuest offers a quick and easy Workplace Utilization Study using presence detection technology to provide you with the utilization and presence data you need.

  • Workplace Utilization Studies come in two flavors: Start with People Presence reports, then expand to Asset/Workspace Utilization, if desired.
  • Leverage our true, multi-tenant SaaS platform – No software or hardware to install.
  • Connect to and leverage technologies that you’ve already deployed to detect “presence events” and actual use.
  • Utilize our “Presence Listener” to receive data from Physical Access Control systems


Download the below info sheet to find out more information about our Workplace Presence and Utilization Studies!Workforce Presence & Workplace Utilization Studies

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