Workplace Management Software

A workplace management software that helps companies provide choice and flexibility.

A workplace management software that helps companies provide choice and flexibility for employees, while optimizing the use of office assets including workspaces, conference rooms, parking spaces and other workplace resources.​

The platform can be used to find and book a workspace or meeting room, see where teammates are sitting, find a room that has needed amenities, check-in and manage room reservations, and provide actionable data about how and where employees are getting work done (just to name a few).

How Can Tango Reserve by AgilQuest Benefit You?


  • Higher productivity/more innovation
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Provide greater choice to employees
  • Personal ROI from flexible work

Operational & Physical

  • Higher utilization/less real estate
  • Reduce impact on environment
  • Integrated workplace experience for operational efficiency
  • Accurate utilization and presence data

Bottom Line

  • Lower operating costs
  • More revenue
  • Better margins

A Workplace Management System for...

Your On-The-Go Employees

Your employees are always on the go. Whether there’s a big meeting coming up, they are looking to reserve their favorite workspace for the week, or are visiting an out of town office, they need a mobile app to make it easy to find the best place to work and collaborate.

Office Resources & Amenities

Make it easy to manage your workspaces, meeting rooms, parking, equipment, and more, all in one place. You no longer have to worry about double booked rooms, who is sitting where, and whether or not your visitor will have a place to park. Everything is managed and easily accessible on Tango Reserve by AgilQuest.

Workplace Utilization 

The strategic and operational data collected by Tango Reserve by AgilQuest helps you support an efficient and productive workplace and make key decisions about your flexible work programs and real estate planning.

A few ways to make the most of Reserve’s Workplace Analytics:

Optimizing Your Office

Then, use the analytics gathered to see what space is being used so that you can help make short and long-term decisions like, 

Ready to see Reserve as your workplace management software?

Tell us what you need by requesting a demo and we will show you just how Tango Reserve by AgilQuest can work for your company. Also, download our guide to learn more about Reserve’s features, integrations, and additional tools to make both your employees’ and admins’ lives easier!