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Real Estate Utilization & the Sharing Economy

How much office space do we really need? As the workforce is working less and less from the office, and entering the Sharing Economy by working in 3rd party or co-working spaces, it’s becoming a common question.

The notion of the “sharing economy” is a hot topic that often refers to a market where it is easier and often more efficient to gain access to a needed resources like cars, rooms and bikes, than to own them. However, the term can also be applied to the sharing of office resources such as desks, conference rooms, parking spaces and the like.

When searching for an answer to the question of real estate utilization, the first step is often to figure out how much of your office space is actually used versus being left vacant on a daily basis due to the increasingly mobile workforce, and changing workplace.

Figuring out the actual utilization of all of your workplace related assets, from building occupancy to individual desks, is important to facilitate sharing and usage efficiency. This can be done using measurement software. Software supports real estate and facility decision making by providing accurate, portfolio-wide, office space utilization reports.

It is important that office-space utilization software operate continuously, systematically, and across the entire real estate portfolio.

Commander BI, by AgilQuest, is just that type of software. Commander BI analyzes and reports on historical actual office space utilization data from desks and meeting rooms to support corporate real estate, workplace strategists and space planners. Important real estate questions can be answered without productivity suffering and the question of “how much space do we really need” can be accurately answered.

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