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Get Back to the Workplace, Safely

Manage the return to the office, and beyond, including physically distanced workspaces, staggered employee schedules, limited capacity, and more with Tango Reserve by AgilQuest.

Strategize Getting Back to the Workplace, Safely

Making our way back to the workplace requires planning, brainstorming, acting, and reacting. What your company doesn’t need is for the process to take too much of your time and money.

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest resolves many of the challenges COVID-19 creates when re-occupying office space. You can leverage our Back to the WorkplaceTM solution to Plan, Execute, Measure/Monitor, and Optimize new workplace processes to keep your employees safe, now and into the future.


As guidelines continue to change, it’s important to plan an efficient and easily adaptable return to the office. A few things to consider include physical distancing, work from home policies, creating a contactless environment, contact tracing, etc.


Then, you must think about the ways to carry out your plan. Whether that’s reducing available workspaces to limit capacity, managing who comes into the office and when, wellness checks, physically distancing the office with options like dynamic spacing, and more.


Next, you need to measure and monitor your workplace to understand what is working and what can change. Contact Tracing is a necessity in order to understand who was where and when.


With your office set up for physical distancing, and reporting to help you understand how the process is working, you will find it easy to adapt your workforce to the many phases of getting back to the workplace and to the "new normal."

Ensure Your Employees Feel Safe and Confident as They Return to the Office

Implementing a workplace reservation software to manage getting back to the office gives you confidence in your plan and enables employees to choose where and when they work so they can feel safe and supported.

Enable a Flexible Workplace

Employees are able to schedule time in the office, manage upcoming workspace or meeting room reservations, indicate when they are working from home, and more from their mobile app or desktop. They can feel in control of where and when they are working, and make changes well before or just before their scheduled time.

Create a Touchless Environment

Digital Signage, Mobile Apps, and QR Codes make it easy to create a contactless environment to reduce the spread germs. Employees can find and manage space from their mobile app and even instantly reserve a workspace or meeting room using their phones to scan a QR Code.

Getting Back to the Workplace

See for yourself how Tango Reserve by AgilQuest can help you get back to the office safely

Schedule a demo with us to see how Tango Reserve by AgilQuest can help you in the process of returning to the office including ways to physically distance your workplace, limit capacity, keep employees on track and safe, and more. If you are already back in the office, then let Reserve help you manage the “new normal.”

Make it Easy for Admin

With so many plans and new processes, Tango Reserve by AgilQuest makes it easy for admins to implement, physically distance the office and manage the “new normal,” and make short- and long-term decisions.

Manage Social Distancing

Different Ways to Physically Distance the Office

As we have helped organizations make their return to the office a safe one, we have seen many ways an office can be managed to ensure physical distancing of employees. Like,

Quick Implementation

Implementation is a Breeze

Getting Tango Reserve by AgilQuest set up and ready for employees to use is a breeze. Implementation time is minimal and training, while available, isn’t required as the platform is as intuitive and easy-to-use as Airbnb and hotel-booking sites. Plus, your Customer Success Team is always available to help with any questions or desired training.

Contact Tracing

Understanding the who, where, and when

Understanding who has been in the office, the resources that have been used, and the employees that have collaborated is key in this new normal. With real-time data, reports like Individual Asset Use & Presence can tell you

man sitting at desk looking at two monitors that show the office's utilization using Forum, AgilQuest's office hoteling system

Informed Decision Making

Data to Drive Short- and Long-Term Decisions

With all the data Tango Reserve by AgilQuest provides, you can make informed short-term decisions as well as long-term, strategic ones when it comes to your office space.

In the short term, this data can help you understand your occupancy, manage capacity, and contact trace to follow government regulations.

Over time, you can see where your employees are actually working, how your space is being used, and make decisions like how to better utilize your space or if downsizing is an option.

Getting Back to the Workplace Checklist

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest is your all-in-one software to get you back to the office. Grab your free guide to getting back to the workplace to help you plan and optimize your return.

Back to the Workplace Resources

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Start by downloading your free guide to getting back to the workplace.

In this guide, we walk through the planning, executing, measuring, and optimizing parts of your journey in full. Plus, take a back to the workplace checklist with you to help manage the new normal.

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