Meeting Room Booking System

A meeting room booking system for easy and efficient collaboration.

Forum Meeting Room Booking System

AgilQuest’s cloud-based meeting room booking system streamlines room selection processes and helps employees add amenities with less hassle.

Search for conference rooms inside your office to accommodate your meetings. Our meeting room booking software lets you pinpoint ideal locations with desired characteristics, such as:

  • Location
  • Availability
  • Room capacity
  • Amenities

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Meeting Room Booking Digital Display

Increase Collaboration

Give your team the space they need to collaborate, therefore solving critical business problems.  Reserve conference rooms inside the office or find and book space in other office locations, which makes travel meetings easy.

Eliminate Double Bookings and Free Up Unused Meeting Rooms

No more complaints about double-bookings or conference rooms that are reserved but sitting unused.  Our meeting room reservation system can require check-in, and auto-cancel any meeting room booking that is not checked-in to free-up that space for others to use.

Simplify Meeting Room Reservation Processes to Increase Efficiency

Make and manage meeting room reservations from mobile apps, the web portal, or digital signs to quickly access available conference rooms.  Employees can find and book available meeting rooms directly from their favorite Exchange client like Outlook, OWA, iOS and Android calendars or Teams with two-way MS Exchange Room Booking integration, therefore streamlining the meeting experience. Outlook Room Booking Integration

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Customize Amenities to Improve Productivity

With our meeting room booking software, request the meeting room amenities you need to be productive, including presentation equipment, collaboration tools, and coffee, tea, or catering.

  • AV equipment
  • Catering
  • Whiteboards
  • Power strips
  • Wired internet ports

Improve Meeting Room Management with Utilization Forum Workplace Utilization DataData

Most importantly, use reporting, analytics, and utilization tracking to manage your resources. We help you gather workspace utilization data to make informed decisions. See how often conference rooms are being used by whom, and how many people are using each room so you can improve office space ROI.

Meeting Room Booking System for Any Size Organization

AgilQuest is a flexible workplace management company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. We provide meeting room booking systems designed to help businesses be more efficient with their internal resources and leverage external spaces to improve efficiency and increase collaboration.

Find out more about AgilQuest’s Forum meeting room booking system, and contact us today for a demo or to start a free trial!

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