Meeting Room Booking

Manage Conference Room Scheduling with Ease

Facilitating collaboration is a key to success in any organization, and managing conference rooms effectively is crucial.  Organizations both large and small must often ask questions like:

Meeting Room Booking on the Forum

  • Do we have enough conference rooms? Of the right size and configuration?
  • Do we have a reliable method for reserving conference rooms?
  • Who is misusing the conference rooms? Are only 3 people in a 20-person room?
  • Can the right AV equipment, materials and catering be delivered on time?

Growing organizations learn quickly that handwritten notebooks and self-managed systems like Outlook don’t deliver the important functionality that support productive meetings and collaboration.

AgilQuest’s meeting room booking software allows you to:

  • Publish availability, location and individual attributes of each conference room
  • Allow anyone in the organization, to see and reserve conference rooms with multiple user interfaces like mobile apps, desktop or digital signage
  • Restrict access to certain conference rooms based on approval or group permissions
  • Guarantee reservations with appropriate set up and break down times and service availability
  • Deliver services on time and provide accurate accounting and chargebacks
  • Connect to physical systems for check in, presence detection, and release conference rooms when unused
  • Report on demand, use, misuse and unmet demand

With AgilQuest’s meeting room booking solutions, make it easy for your employees to find and reserve the best place to collaborate, while providing the organization utilization data for understanding how the conference rooms are being used.

Find out more about our two workplace booking solutions, OnBoard and the Forum, and contact us today for a demo or to start a free trial!

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