Office Hoteling and Desk Booking

Office Hoteling, Hot Desking and Shared Desk Management

Freedom and Flexibility for your Workforce

Today’s mobile workforce needs a flexible workplace to support innovation, productivity, and engagement.  Office hoteling and desk sharing supports workers’ needs for flexibility and allows the organization to optimize and reduce the number of desks and office space needed.

Make it easy to find the best place to work. Whenever, Wherever.

Key Features of the Best Office Hoteling SoftwareForum Office Hoteling and Desk Booking

  • Multiple Interfaces for Booking Desks, including mobile phones, web portal, and lobby kiosks
  • Create User Groups and “Neighborhoods” to control access to specific workspaces
  • Floorplan views for Find a Coworker for easy desk selection
  • My Teams and Find a Coworker capability
  • RESTful API for integrations that connect HR systems, Building systems, Sensors, Badge Readers and more
  • Manage multiple kinds of space such as hoteling, hot desking, touchdown space and even assigned seats
  • Integrated workplace analytics and utilization reporting

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Benefits and Measurable results from Successful Office Hoteling & Hot Desking Solution

If you look around the office in any sizable organization, you’ll discover around 50% of the desks are vacant on any given day due to worker mobility. People are working from home, they are traveling to another site, they are out sick or working elsewhere outside the office. With the average cost at $10,000 per year per desk, it’s easy to imagine how much these vacant desks cost the organization, waste valuable resources and contribute to carbon footprint.

Office Hoteling Program

AgilQuest’s hoteling and desk booking software offer robust business rules and configurations to address your organization’s unique needs and goals.

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