Office Hoteling

Hoteling, Workspace Reservations and Shared Desk Management

Making it easy to find the best place to work and optimize your office space and real estate

Today’s mobile workforce needs a flexible workplace to support innovation and productivity.  AgilQuest’s hoteling and desk sharing software gives employees an easy way to reserve workspaces when and where they need, for only the time they are in the office.  This supports workers’ needs for flexibility and allows the organization to optimize and reduce the number of desks and office space needed.

Benefits and Measurable Results from Successful Office Hoteling Programs

  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Attract and retain top talent with a flexible, modern workplace
  • Eliminate desk vacancy and increase 1:1 worker-to-workspace ratio to 3:1 or even higher
  • Reduce from 240 sq ft per person to less than 100 sq ft per person
  • Consolidate 4 buildings into 1 and still have room to grow
  • Savings from space optimization put back into workplace modernization
  • Reduction in carbon footprint, energy costs and increase sustainabilityOffice Hoteling and Meeting Room Booking Software
  • Increased Business Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness

Key Features of the AgilQuest’s Hoteling Software

  • Multiple Interfaces for Booking Desks, including mobile phones, desktops, and lobby kiosks
  • Create User Groups and “Neighborhoods” to control access to specific workspaces
  • Floorplan views and Find a Coworker capability
  • Integrations that connect HR systems, Building systems, Sensors, Badge Readers and more
  • Manage multiple kinds of space such as hoteling, hot desking, touchdown space and even assigned seats
  • Integrated workplace analytics and utilization reporting

AgilQuest’s Hoteling Solutions

AgilQuest’s hoteling and desk booking technologies, OnBoard and Forum, offer robust business rules and configurations to address your organization’s unique needs and goals.


Comprehensive, customizable reservation technology for workspaces and conference rooms with multiple interfaces and integrations


Cloud and SaaS-based platform makes hoteling and workspace reservations achievable for any size organization and is quick and easy to get set up

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