Success Stories

Fortune 500 Consulting Firm Increases Innovation with Flexible Work & Hoteling Program


A leading strategy and technology consulting firm headquartered in McLean, VA found that much of the work of their employees took place at a client site or in the field rather than a fixed workplace. Many of the buildings in their footprint were being underutilized. They decided to introduce a flexible telework program with a goal of lowering the square footage per person in their space, and through hoteling and telework programs, encourage innovation and productivity through better work-life balance.


AgilQuest’s OnBoard Workplace Management System provided the client the resources to integrate their people, space and technology in an environment that supports innovation. OnBoard’s wide range of interfaces, including a mobile app and on-site kiosks allowed employees to easily reserve and check-in to workspaces, locate individuals on their team, and connect more easily with others in the organization. The resulting usage data supplied the client with information about how the space was being used, allowing them to base future decisions about the space on hard data.


Over the course of 10 years, the client used OnBoard to improve work-life balance and increasing “personal ROI” for their employees. By giving their people greater flexibility to be better engaged and productive, the client saw they could get the best people to work better together. Part of that success is by attractive and retaining talent based on the desirability of their flexible work program.

With the cost savings from creating a smaller, more efficient real estate footprint, the client reinvested those savings into creating new, cutting edge workspace that embodies the mission of their program and their organization. By creating an environment that supports innovation and workplace engagement, the client was able to increase productivity with better choices in how, when and where to work.

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