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Webinar: Boosting Productivity and Employee Engagement

Agilquest Webinar: Don't Fence Me In with Dean Strombom and Sven GovaarsGensler’s Dean Strombom and Sven Govars of Steelcase for a live discussion around how smart technology and the Internet of Things is shaping the way we connect with people, workplaces and building systems throughout the workday.

Based on current research, employees who spend most of their time in the office are significantly dissatisfied with their jobs. By giving employees choices of where to perform their work, they become more productive, more engaged in their work and generally happier with their job.

This webinar examined the current and future world of work, and how technology continues to influence behavior and provide greater workplace flexibility and employee well-being. Dean and Sven discussed what options are available to provide employees with choice, and also helped us answer the question, “How do we help people make better choices?”

Access the recording of this webinar below:

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