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Workplace Mobility Doesn’t Require Extreme Tech Savviness

Implementing new technologies to increase workplace mobility, such as telework or hoteling programs, constitutes a major cultural shift in any organization. Getting buy-in from management and employees can be a challenge, especially when dealing with worries about learning how to use these new technologies.

Workers may wonder if they need to be especially tech savvy to use the new systems, or to even understand their evolving workplace. The short answer is no – being a super tech guru is not necessary to adapting to, and working successfully in, this new environment. However, it is important to be able to see work as an “experience” that can be shaped to individuals needs, and that may include new technology.

Workplace innovation actually means a simpler, more efficient and user-friendly way of doing things. Learning a whole new tech skill set is less crucial than understanding how some of the tools assist in making mobility even easier. For example, AgilQuest’s OnBoard for iPhone puts the power of hoteling in users’ hands no matter where they are and brings location-based services (LBS) to hoteling. This technology is designed to actually make using hoteling technology easier, increase user adoption of the hoteling program and improve utilization as it enables easy check-outs and cancellation of resources.

Workplace efficiency technologies actually decrease the need to be super tech savvy because of the ease of use they can now offer. With tools like OnBoard for iPhone both employers and employees can benefit from the shift toward greater use of technology and greater workplace mobility.


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