There are many different places your employees might be working on any given day, but not all of them are conducive to productivity, collaboration and innovation. Are you offering the rights kinds of space? What do your employees really need? How can you best offer them choices? Manageable choices that still yield results and cost control?

To understand what is available and what is right for each situation, we will survey the available kinds of space, the various strategies for providing access to cool-workplace-mspace, and compare how the kinds and methods perform for different audiences and environments.

  • Focus areas, collaboration rooms, and project rooms
  • Break rooms, nap rooms, touchdown space and wellness options
  • Video conference rooms and telepresence
  • Permanently-assigned, hoteling, desk sharing, reverse hoteling and free address
  • Telework, co-working, pro-working and business suites

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ray-lindenburg-head-shot Ray Lindenberg is the current Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group that, since 1991, has designed and consulted for numerous Serviced Workspaces and Executive Suites, primarily in the New York market. He is also an author, frequent presenter, and currently the President and Founder of two Professional Societies -- (WANY) The Workspace Association of New York, and (IN-Cert) The International Cooperative of A+ Certified Workspaces, which have garnered 18 prestigious industry awards over the past 10 years and represent Operators of over 2 million square feet of professionally managed High-hospitality serviced workspaces in North America and Europe. Prior to becoming one of the leaders of the Serviced Workspace Industry, Ray was an HR and Organizational Development Consultant specializing in Teambuilding and Customer Service Programs for companies such as Merrill Lynch, Procter & Gamble, The Equitable and Pfizer.
kyle-hendrickson Kyle Hendrickson manages the office operations and functional activities for two KPMG offices within the Washington, DC metro area with a combined total of approximately 2,100 employees. He is responsible for directly managing the Conference and Catering and Hoteling team and actively engages with office managing partners and practice leadership to address business needs and identify opportunities to improve service delivery. Kyle works closely with local operations teams and business units to formulate plans, promote long and short term business goals, and facilitate efficiency. He has a background in hospitality having formerly worked at Fairmont Hotels.