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6 Ways to Encourage Workforce Adoption of Your Hybrid Workplace

There are so many moving parts to creating and implementing a hybrid workplace and one element you can’t skim over is workforce adoption. You can create the most seamless, efficient hybrid workplace but without your employees getting on board, it will just sit there as useless as the Six Flags in New Orleans. So, let’s … Continue reading

Dedicated Seats: Adding Tradition to Your Hybrid Workplace

It seems all anyone ever wants to talk about is hybrid this, flexible that. But what about the other side? The traditional, 9-5 in-office job. There are still many employees who work best in the office with set hours. And many jobs that must be done this way. 62% of employees say their jobs can’t … Continue reading

Hot Desking Checklist: Policy & Guidelines

When creating a hot desking program for your workplace, it’s best practice to write up a policy and guidelines for the workforce and workplace to follow. We designed a checklist that can help you get started. What is Hot Desking? Hot desking is a flexible workplace practice that keeps offices, conference rooms, etc., open for … Continue reading

9 Hot Desking Best Practices

To manage a successful, flexible workplace, follow these 9 hot desking best practices. The purpose of the workplace is changing and employees are wanting to see more flexible, hybrid workplace policies, like hot desking. Hot desking is getting a better reputation for itself and organizations are starting to understand why. So, with hot desking on … Continue reading

Hot Desking 101: Everything You Need to Know

What is hot desking and how can it benefit your organization? This flexible workplace practice might be what your company and workforce needs! Hot Desking 101 What is hot desking? What are the benefits? How do you implement hot desking? How do you manage hot desking? How do you support a hot desking program? Flexible. … Continue reading

27 Things From 27 Years of AgilQuest

Wow, do we feel old! 27 years under the belt. What lies ahead of us? We are excited to find out. But first, what have we learned in these 27 years? We asked our AQ crew to share! AgilQuest truly embraces everyone as a family (especially during times of need)! I’ve learned the true meaning … Continue reading

Preparing For the Government’s Reentry to the Workplace

Following a June 10, 2021 Order from the White House Administration, a Federal Task Force has charged all agencies with completing their plan for reentry by July 19, 2021. This includes, “how and when to return an increased number of employees and contractors, as appropriate, in-person to the Federal workplace – as well as their … Continue reading

Implementing a Workplace Management System: Timeline and Best Practices

So, you’ve started thinking about implementing a workplace reservation software to manage your post-COVID return to the workplace. 50% of US Executives plan to invest in hoteling applications That’s a great decision because that software can help: Follow guidelines like physically distancing workspaces, limiting capacity, and manage who comes in and out of the building, Employees keep … Continue reading

Employee Wellbeing and Company Culture in the Hybrid Workplace

A company’s culture is created at its conception and continues to form around the employees and the values of the company over time. It’s an ongoing process encompassing company value and ethics, leadership, and the way employees feel about their work, their company, and its goals. Prior to the 2020 pandemic, the majority of company … Continue reading

How to Support Your Hybrid Workplace

In the last post, we covered how to create a hybrid workplace, what that actually means, and companies that are currently managing a hybrid workplace. The next step is knowing how to support your hybrid workplace by ensuring your company has the right workforce, technology, and space. The hybrid workplace is a flexible workplace practice … Continue reading

4 Office Trends and Types of Modern Workers

Let’s go back. Back to January 2020. A new year began, and we were ready to make it OUR YEAR. Most of us were regularly using the office for individual work, meetings, huddles, and team bonding. It was what we were used to, and we didn’t think it was changing. Remember? If not, let’s review. … Continue reading

Tips for Transitioning Back into the Office

Many offices went remote at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep employees safe and healthy! It was the right move to make in 2020, provided organizations had the resources to do so, but now that the COVID-19 vaccine is widely available, and the country is slowly making its way back, executives must take … Continue reading

A Take on Remote Work, Dr. Seuss Style

Kirk I am. I am Kirk. Do you like Remote Work? I do not like it, Mr. Kirk, I do not like Remote Work. Would you like it Here or there? I would not like it here or there. I would not like it Anywhere. I do not like Remote Work. I do not like … Continue reading

Proof That Office Hoteling is the Key to Your Dynamic Workplace

There is a constant shift in the way offices are designed and managed. From the early days of closed-door, corner offices, cubicles, and assigned seating, to more open floor plans with unassigned seating and hoteling. Many companies still use traditional assigned seating to manage their offices, meaning each employee has their own workspace. While others … Continue reading