The latest version of AgilQuest's OnBoard software is packed with new features, some of which will make a significant difference in the lives of your mobile workers and support a powerful change in your organization's culture and mindset.  And hear about the most exciting new feature, the new iPhone Native App!

Mobile workers can completely change the way they look up, reserve and check in to reservations using the first-of-a-kind native iPhone app with built-in location awareness. Autobump reminders and time-of-day options help to squeeze the last few percentage points of utilization from even the most advanced hoteling organizations. Performance improvements and email formats make it easier to support more and more convenience and self-help features.

Torrance Houlihan, VP Product Management, takes us on a tour of the features available in OnBoard 5.5 and demonstrates how they will change the way you get the most efficiency from your workplace and make it easier than ever to get support and buy-in from your users.

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