You've provided the right kinds of workspaces for your people to do focus work and you've outfitted your meeting rooms so your people have the right choices of collaboration space for every kind of meeting... now, which of the numerous OnBoard user interfaces are best for your people to use?

AgilQuest's Product team has created a lot of choices of user interfaces, some to meet specific space-related needs and many to accommodate each user's personal preferences. But which of these interfaces are best for reserving each kind of space? Best for the types of layouts you have? And which are the most popular with older workers? With younger workers? With each kind of your staff members?

Learn how each interface works, the differences between each interface, all the details about the brand new interfaces, and which of these choices are best for your work environment and the right mix for your people.

  • Which interfaces do what?
  • Which interfaces are best for which purposes?
  • Which interfaces will be popular with our people?
  • How many and where should we deploy each interface? (i.e. "how many Kiosks will we need?")
  • What strategies can we implement with the interfaces for maximum user adoption?

See what mix of OnBoard User Interfaces is right for your organization

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