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How Office Hoteling Improves Emergency Preparedness

We have all participated in routine fire drills where everyone is made to leave the office building and go stand in a deemed ‘safe zone’. Then the head count begins. But what if some colleagues aren’t there because they are at a client, or if they were out sick? The safety officer is left scrambling. … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Craving Connection, by LifeMeetsWork

by Kyra Cavanaugh, LifeMeetsWork What is connection? Have the nature of our connections with each other changed over the last five years? I feel like they have. Work Connections Gone are the days of: Going out to lunch. In fact, no one even know when lunch is. The lunch hour as we used to know … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Designing for Agility

by Naomi Stanford, PhD During the past week someone alerted me to the Oxford Futures Forum. I’d not heard of it before but I’m constantly looking for perspectives and insights on what the future might hold. Since all organizations I work with are looking to be ‘agile’, ‘scalable up or down’, ‘adaptable’, ‘future fit’, and similar … Continue reading

Key Factors for Successful Smart Occupancy: Continuous, Consistent, Systematic Measurement

by John Vivadelli, CEO If management is impossible without measurement, then facility management is an oxymoron. Facilities cannot be managed without knowing actual occupancy continuously, consistently and systematically every day, in every work setting, throughout the entire portfolio. If management is impossible without measurement, then financial management is an oxymoron. Occupancy costs comprise 8% to 10% of a company’s … Continue reading

GSA’s New Floor Plan Eschews Desk-Jocky Culture

In response to the Washington Post Article: The federal office space of the future? GSA’s new floor plan eschews desk-jockey culture. GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini is leading a transformation of the government’s workforce and workplace supported by AgilQuest’s Smart Occupancy technology and expertise. The real estate savings this article addresses is real – six leases eliminated … Continue reading

Measuring Utilization in Washington – What will actually get measured?

There is raft of new and interesting legislation being proposed in the House of Representatives to cut federal spending by reducing federal office space. One such bill, H.R. 26121: Public Building Savings and Reform Act of 2013, was introduced on July 8th by Reb. Lou Barletta [R-PA11]. Section 12 of this bill calls for the Administrator … Continue reading