Tango Reserve by AgilQuest

With Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, you get a workplace management solution to help manage your hybrid workplace, that keeps your employees confident and productive and your workplace efficient and optimized.

Workplace Management Software

Keep your workforce and workplace running efficiently with a workplace management software that makes it easy to access resources and manage reservations, and provides analytics to help you make important data-driven decisions, no matter what size company you are.


With Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, you get a conference room scheduling, desk booking, and office space utilization software all in one. Learn more about our easy-to-use, dynamic product capabilities below.

Conference Room Scheduling Software

Manage and monitor the use of conference rooms, eliminate double bookings, and encourage team collaboration and productivity, with a software you can access anywhere on any device.

Desk Booking System

Enable choice and flexibility for your employees, provide safety and touchless options, manage and confirm occupancy, and increase the productivity of your workforce.

Office Space Utilization Analytics

Support your efficient, flexible workplace by understanding how your office runs and answering questions with data-driven insights that will lend to short- and long-term decisions.

Digital Signage

Quickly secure a workspace, see what conference rooms are available with one glance, check-in as soon as you arrive at the office, and more with digital signage for meeting rooms and desk booking.


Reserve workspaces and rooms with calendar apps you already know, get accurate occupancy data with sensors, automate check-in with access control systems, and so much more with a RESTful API.

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