Office Space Utilization

The ultimate goal of space planning and facility management is having the right amount of space at just the right time.

Top Talent working in a bright office

Make workspace decisions based on measured utilization.

Real Estate and related office space costs are typically the second highest expense in an organization, second only to labor costs.

Due to factors such as worker mobility, long-term leases, and business fluctuations, these “occupancy” costs are commonly found to be 20% to 50% higher than necessary.

You cannot manage what you do not measure

Having reliable, accurate data gives managers and planners the power to maximize utilization with strategic insight to best manage their real estate portfolio.

  • Establish a baseline of current utilization
  • Consolidate locations and renew leases on only space
  • Optimize the use of the remaining space

AgilQuest provides expert services to gauge and measure utilization as well as the technology to optimize and continuously measure your actual utilization of space across the entire portfolio every day.


Understanding Utilization Data