Partner Directory

AgilQuest has cultivated a partner network offering companion products and services helping our customers get the most from their AgilQuest solution.

Partners may be associated to one or more categories:

Partners such as Coworking Facilities or Landlords that offer available shared space for booking within a Customer’s Forum. This enables customers to extend their available space to cover peak demand or special projects. The listing also includes coworking brokers and consultants.

Partners that provide pre-approved integrated digital signage such as meeting room panels, desk signage, and lobby kiosks. The listing includes manufactures, vendors, and reseller partners.

Partners that provide services such as AutoCAD updates, 2D to 3D floor plan conversion, supplemental data services to support an AgilQuest-led implementation, or on-going floor plan and data updates to an organization’s Forum.

A collection of pre-approved integrated technology that supports the workplace such as Phone Switching, Access Control Security, Service Request Systems, Space Planning Solutions, or other adjacent technology.

Partners that provide occupancy or other facility-related sensors that are pre-approved to integrate with Tango Reserve by AgilQuest.

Partners that sell Tango Reserve by AgilQuest and can bundle with products from other sources to create a one-stop shop for customers. The reseller’s offering may include Digital Signage, AV Equipment, Office Technology, or IT/Facility Services. Some resellers can also create a custom OPEX or CAPEX purchase program.

Partners that leverage Tango Reserve by AgilQuest to provide workplace consulting services such as transitioning from a fixed to hybrid workplace, COVID Return-to-Work consulting, space optimization and analysis, planning, design, and relocation services.

With our RESTful APIs and other integration tools, AgilQuest can integrate with other technologies such as Business Intelligence solutions, Data Lakes, Smart Buildings IoT, and Building Automation Systems. These partners can assist with additional technology services.