AgilQuest's business intelligence platform, Commander BI, is the one place where you can find answers to questions about how your space has been used. This analytics tool was designed to answer important business questions based on summarized historical data from OnBoard. It has worked well at a number of advanced customer sites and we are happy to announce Commander BI will be moving forward quickly with new releases and with a new product architect!

Jeremy Deyo has joined AgilQuest as the primary architect driving the evolution of Commander BI and the first new release is coming in August. His experience in BI of more than 10 years will help us leap Commander BI forward and do so quickly.

Commander BI 2.3 has completed the documentation QA testing phases and is moving to general release with a number of important improvements:

  • Revised user interface for ease-of-use
  • Additional report criteria and display information include on-screen
  • Tuned export format to allow easier integration and reformatting

The interface used to select which report, to tune the data selection criteria, and to review the resulting information has been changed significantly to make Commander BI easier to operate and the result more clear.

The most-common questions about each report have been answered directly on the report screens so the "where does this comes from" and "what does this column mean" kinds of questions are available right there next to the displayed answers.

The format of the data coming out of the export function has been tuned so it is now easy and simple to select a subset of the data and repurpose or cut-and-paste to other systems or combine with other reports.

This new 2.3 release is Jeremy's first step with Commander BI, but he is leading the entire product to a new analytics platform and executing more quickly on the Commander BI roadmap. This is all part of AgilQuest's drive to deliver more and deliver faster so our customers benefit more quickly from technology and capability advances.

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