Partner Success Program

AgilQuest focuses on each partner’s unique objectives, offering, and joint opportunities enabling a productive and successful partnership.

The AgilQuest Partner Program offers:

Why Partner with AgilQuest?

AgilQuest offers an industry-leading resource reservation, occupancy management, and space optimization platform which satisfies a broad range of customer workstyles, real estate strategies, and integration requirements for the evolving modern workplace.

Below are some partner types and benefits of an AgilQuest partnership

Workplace and Real Estate Services Consultants

Consulting Partners leverage AgilQuest’s easy-to-use enterprise platform to help their customers with workplace and real estate strategies such as Back-to-the-Workplace plans, hybrid, and optimization strategies, and ongoing workplace services.

The Tango Reserve by AgilQuest platform captures and measures actual utilization data and presents it in configurable dashboards enabling partners to offer insightful strategies that yield a productive workplace along with a very high ROI.

Digital Signage

AgilQuest is hardware agnostic enabling customers to leverage an existing hardware investment or select from a list of pre-approved partners.

Hardware that augments and extends the Reserve platform includes Digital wall and desk signage, and lobby kiosks.

Adjacent Technology

Some partners offer compatible technology such as IWMS, Service Requests, Space, Lease, or Mobile Experience products and need a solution to respond to current requirements for hoteling, reservations, occupancy management, or actual utilization data. 

With our RESTful APIs and other integration tools, AgilQuest helps adjacent technology providers fill a gap in their solution to avoid customer attrition and increase new customer attraction without the expense and delay of developing missing reservation functionality in-house. 

Smart Building, IoT, and Sensor Technology

The workplace has become a vast network of integrated technology to improve efficiency, security, data collection, the tenant and occupier experience, and save energy and costs. 

With our RESTful APIs and other integration tools, AgilQuest can integrate with a variety of IoT solutions enabling AgilQuest and its Partners to deliver a leading-edge integrated offering to customers. 

Reseller Partners

Many customers recognize the advantage of utilizing a best-of-breed strategy vs. a limited all-in-one solution or want flexible hardware options to choose from, but still want the benefit of a one-stop-shop.

Reseller Partners can provide a one-stop-shop and combine their offering with AgilQuest’s industry-leading workplace solution increasing the products, services, and value they deliver to their customers. New products also create new engagement touchpoints and strengthen existing relationships.

Some Reseller Partners have the added capability of offering centralized purchasing (CAPEX or OPEX), Level One Support across multiple vendors, and a services team already familiar with their customers. 

Partner Network of Space

As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, Partners such as Building Owners, Property Managers, and Contingency or Coworking sites can offer shared spaces to their customers and tenants via Tango Reserve by AgilQuest. The shared spaces can be offered via standard login or can be made available within a customer’s Forum, if their customer is also an AgilQuest customer. AgilQuest offers partner solutions to strengthen ties to customers and tenants.

As organizations reduce space as a result of moving to a hybrid environment, there will be greater demand for supplemental workspaces and meeting facilities to cover peak demand or special events. There is also an increasing demand to offer more choice and flexibility to the workforce which network partners can fulfill.