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The Agilquest Forum

Cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform for connecting people to place.

The Agilquest Forum connects people wherever they are, with the resources they need to collaborate, innovate, produce, and love where they work.

Agilquest Forum

The Agilquest Forum platform’s responsive design fits any size screen.

Share and Reserve Workplace Resources

At its core, the Agilquest Forum is a flexible reservation engine optimized to handle reservable resources beyond desks, workspaces and conference rooms. Like OnBoard, the Forum quickly and easily adapts to individual and organizational needs

The Sharing Economy for the Workplace

The Agilquest Forum is the first to leverage a Sharing Economy business model for workplace, extending functionality to include reservable office space beyond your organization’s four walls, which means organizations can publish unused space to partners, clients, collaborators or the public, and generate revenue with real estate.

SaaS-based for Easy Implementation

A true SaaS-based model, Forum offers lower implementation costs, quicker deployment, no required IT presence, and the latest features and enhancements without the worries of upgrades and rollouts.

The Agilquest Forum is cutting-edge reservation technology for helping your people love where they work, helping your organization optimize its use of space and energy, and for monetizing your space assets that are sitting idle.

Simplified, Consumption-Based Pricing

The Agilquest Forum is available in two pricing models based on use. Learn more at our Agilquest Forum pricing page, and sign up for a free trial.

For Your Employees

  • Freedom to choose the best place to work or meet each day
  • Use favorite devices to find available space, and resources and local information
  • Access both internal office resources and external spaces and assets
  • Quickly locate space with the assets you need to be productive and collaborative
  • Easily invite attendees and add to calendars
  • Navigate a consumer-like platform with visual listings and configurable profile settings


  • Attract and retain top talent with freedom, flexibility and choice
  • Optimize use of your internal assets and leverage available excess capacity as an opportunity to attract partners, clients and the public to work in your space
  • Eliminate unnecessary implementation, infrastructure and upgrade costs
  • Track utilization of all your internal assets and understand what external space is being used by your employees
  • Utilize Groups and Permissions to easily manage access to private and public assets

The Agilquest Forum Terms of Service