Flexible Workplace Management

Businesses and government agencies are increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving work-life balance by making changes to where and when people do their work.

Mobile Work

Modern workers spend 40% of their time working outside of the office.

Flexible workplace strategies like hoteling, hot desking, telework and managed free address are rapidly spreading as organizations seek to reduce expenses, provide better benefits and increase worker happiness and productivity.

Leading firms are offering a variety of choices on where to work and when work occurs to compete for top talent. When combined with workplace optimization strategies, these same Human Resource oriented changes can yield significant cost savings and sustainability improvements.

Find out how Agilquest forum and Onboard workplace management software can help your firm lead the way in improving workplace cost efficiency and attracting top talent.


AgilQuest Webinars

Browse a library of webinars featuring workplace experts and discussions regarding policies that govern successful, thriving telework or flexible workplace programs.

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