Forum Integrations for Workplace Management

Forum integrates with many of the commonly-used tools and technologies to provide an enhanced, seamless workplace experience. Learn more about our integrations below or head here to learn about our technology partners.



Forum integrates with the most used calendar apps to bring you a seamless room reservation process. By keeping your employees in the systems they already use every day, you can count on higher user adoption and a seamless workplace experience.

Exchange Add-In Integration


Accurate, anonymous people counting sensors provide real-time data so you can make safer, more cost-effective decisions about your workplace. Use sensors to understand how many people enter and exit the workplace, the occupancy of meeting rooms, the types of spaces used most, and more

close up employee call center man hand point to press button number on telephone office desk with virtual communication technology concept

Phone Switching

Make it easy for your employees to be as flexible as they want by moving their phone extension with them wherever they are working for the day.  For organizations using Cisco Unified Communications Manager, individual phone profiles can automatically be moved to the phone in a reserved workspace. When a reservation is active, the phone is switched on with the profile of the reservation owner.  For organizations reliant on phone extensions for employees, this makes flexibility achievable.  

Open Presence Listener

Capture presence automatically, with or without a booking, with Forum’s Open Presence Listener. Using the RESTful API to integrate with a variety of presence sources, you can create a passive and automated user experience that delivers operational and strategic data and value.

Custom Integrations

Utilize Forum’s RESTful API to create your own custom integrations with any third-party technology to streamline your employees’ workplace experience.

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