Office Tenant Amenity Management and Scheduling

Attract and retain tenants and uncover additional revenue by leveraging building assets and amenities that may be underutilized.

Deliver a better tenant experience. Make it easy to share, find, and reserve your building amenities.

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest helps Landlords, Asset Managers, and Property Managers deliver a better tenant experience and improve business results with a tenant amenity management system:

  • Attract tenants with key amenities and apps that let them manage their private space.
  • Retain tenants by improving the tenant experience with an app that makes it easy for them to find and schedule the use of building amenities.
  • Increase revenue through space sharing tools that bring in trusted partners to better utilize empty offices, desks, and conference rooms.

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Give your tenants a way to find and reserve conference and board rooms, lounges, loading docks and other shared amenities on a single platform.

Reserve Building Amenity Booking:

Connects Tenants to Building Amenities

Make your building the best option in the neighborhood by allowing tenants to easily access building amenities, whether for free or for a fee that increases revenue. Share your under-utilized boardrooms, break rooms and other building amenities for booking through Tango Reserve by AgilQuest.  Reduce administrative time with approval and workflow configurations and integrate with your building systems for a seamless tenant experience.

Increases the Value of Leasing with You

Leverage our easy-to-use tenant amenity management and booking software by offering existing tenants access to your additional resources outside of their leased space, whether within one building, across an entire campus, or even across all owned buildings. You can even provide tenants their own Tango Reserve by AgilQuest accounts for managing their private space as a service, allowing their employees to access both their internal space and the building’s extra amenities all from one platform.

Leverage building amenities such as:

  • Lounge and atrium space
  • Conference Rooms and Boardrooms
  • Presentation and Event Space
  • Rooftop Space
  • Reservable Campus Transportation

Provides Tailored Reporting and Insights on Asset and Amenity Use

Take advantage of the integrated analytics that measures the utilization of your amenities, so you can better understand who uses them and how often. Make informed optimization decisions that lead to more loyal tenants and additional revenue.

Start Quickly and Scale as Needed with a SaaS Solution

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest has no required software installation and no infrastructure support. Secure and easy to implement so you can optimize your assets and costs, and increase the profitability of your building right away.

Increase Value for Your Tenants

Empower tenants to:

  • View and reserve all shared building amenities, with descriptions, availability, costs, images floorplans, and even Google Maps.
  • Add additional assets or services to reservations including room setup, projectors, catering and more.
  • Find and book through any device via a web browser or native mobile apps.

Find Out What Tango Reserve by AgilQuest Can Do for Landlords and Property Managers

The commercial real estate market is rapidly evolving. Building owners and managers that aren’t flexible and adaptable will soon be left behind. Learn more about how to use new, innovative technology to leverage the changing market and create new revenue streams. Book a free demo today.

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Enhanced Tenant Amenity Management with the Forum