Workplace change requires much more than just the best technology.

Based on 20 years of customer requests, we have developed the training you need to gain worker and manager participation and we have created the services that help plan, develop, and implement measurement and change rapidly and successfully. Training, expertise, services and technology are what make the AgilOuest solution stand apart from all of the others.

Hoteling Solutions

Office Hoteling

Hoteling, Workspace Reservations and Shared Desk Management Making it easy to find the best place to work and optimize your office space and real estate Today’s mobile workforce needs a flexible workplace to support innovation and productivity.  AgilQuest’s hoteling and desk sharing software gives employees an easy way to reserve workspaces when and where they …
Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Manage Conference Room Scheduling with Ease Facilitating collaboration is a key to success in any organization, and managing conference rooms effectively is crucial.  Organizations both large and small must often ask questions like: Do we have enough conference rooms? Of the right size and configuration? Do we have a reliable method for reserving conference rooms? …

Measured Unassigned Seating

Give your people the freedom and flexibility to choose their workspace. The workplace is evolving. By providing unassigned seating, hot desking and open office strategies, companies are reducing real estate costs, attracting top talent and inspiring innovation and collaboration. AgilQuest’s Free Address solution equips organizations with the tools to create an open office environment, while …

Flexible Workplace Management

Businesses and government agencies are increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving work-life balance by making changes to where and when people do their work. Flexible workplace strategies like hoteling, hot desking, telework and managed free address are rapidly spreading as organizations seek to reduce expenses, provide better benefits and increase worker happiness and productivity. Leading …

Workplace Analytics

Have just the right amount of space to meet company needs at just the right time. Knowing how much office space you have and where it is allocated isn’t enough. Successfully managing your real estate means optimizing your space utilization. You know how much space you’re actually using and, more importantly, how much you’re not …

Office Seat Management

AgilQuest solutions prepare organizations for successful workplace strategies. AgilQuest’s seat management software maintains accurate seat assignments and measures utilization of permanently assigned seating. Organizations can better forecast growth by linking actual utilization to maintained seat assignments. With AgilQuest’s office seat management software, know exactly how people use your space daily with technologies you currently have in place.