Easier, faster support management is now available with our new Customer Success Portal! This support portal is a place where AgilQuest customers can submit and track support tickets, chat live with the Support Team, and search the ever-expanding Knowledge Base of resources.

With the launch of the Success Portal, customers can now submit support tickets in this online portal, track the status of a case and see all related activity in one place. This eliminates guessing and provides a more efficient way to insure the success of the system and workplace program.

One exciting new feature is the Knowledge Base, an always-accessible resource library with documents and information that may answer your questions without needing to talk to the Support Team.
In the Knowledge Base library, you can find

  • User manuals
  • Installation instructions
  • FAQs
  • Product datasheets
  • New materials added regularly!

And if there is something you can't find in the Knowledge Base, just send a request and we'll add it to the resources!success-portal-chat

Another feature customers will find extremely helpful is the addition of a Live Chat feature, which is great for those questions that can be answered quickly without need to wait for an electronic reply. When someone from the Support team is available, start a chat. Your conversations will be stored in the Support Case activity history.

If you missed the live walk-through of the Success Portal held earlier in January, and are interested in seeing the recording and hearing about the exciting new features, please contact your Account Manager or Technical Support Team.

Visit the Success Portal at http://success.agilquest.com.