Crestron Scheduling Hardware

One platform designed to maximize workflow and increase productivity.

Crestron Flex Panels and Desk Touch desk scheduling hardware integrate with Reserve for a seamless reservation experience across your organization.

Crestron TSS 70 Series Panels - Green

Flex Series


Desk Touch (top) and Desk Q (lower left)

Tango Reserve + Crestron

  • Innovative scheduling hardware to support the flexible, modern workplace
  • Unified portfolio of scheduling hardware integrated with Reserve
  • Extends Reserve information directly to Crestron devices for meeting spaces or workspaces
  • Promotes visibility, collaboration, and productivity
  • Interactive touch screen experience for the workplace
  • Intuitively see upcoming availability using the color-coded lights and interface

Crestron Resources

Meeting Scheduling

The TSS-series room scheduling panels are enterprise-grade devices engineered to meet all the demands of a corporate office, conference center, or higher education environment.

Desk Scheduling

Crestron has developed a portfolio of Desk Scheduling hardware to support the hybrid workplace. Desk Touch and Desk Q increase collaboration, workplace satisfaction, and improve space optimization.

Meeting Equity

Crestron’s Sightline delivers an innovative solution to solve challenges of remote and hybrid meetings by incorporating a multi-camera, automated switching system using AI that follows who’s speaking at a given moment.

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