Conference room reservation is a technique or method for scheduling the use of meeting rooms or conference rooms or other kinds of collaboration space within an office so multiple sets of people can utilize these resources over the course of the day without conflicting with one another. When implemented well, a single conference room can be shared amongst many people or teams, across different times of the day and days of the week, so everyone has use of that conference room when they need it without unduely limiting its use by others.

The schedules for conference rooms and the reservations made by people to guarantee their exclusive use of that room for a given period of time are managed manually or by using conference room management software.

Manual systems for managing conference rooms often fail do to the amount of effort required, the phsyical location of the scheduling notebook or list, and the lack of business rules and permissions when using pen and paper.

Software applications for managing conference rooms overcome the disadvantages of manual systems with less user effort and centralized access to the schedule and for making reservations. Advanced, enterprise-class software for conference room management, such as AgilQuest's OnBoard, overcome the limitations of simpler software, such as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, by adding business rules, policies, workflow, multiple user interfaces, digital signage, catering and integration with other systems.