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27 Things From 27 Years of AgilQuest

Wow, do we feel old! 27 years under the belt. What lies ahead of us? We are excited to find out. But first, what have we learned in these 27 years? We asked our AQ crew to share!

  1. AgilQuest truly embraces everyone as a family (especially during times of need)! I’ve learned the true meaning of flexibility and adaptability because nothing is as it seems! All in all…AgilQuest is the epitome of teamwork and working together for a common goal!
  2. The Butterfly Effect is REAL. You have to think 15 steps ahead to be successful!
  3. What seems like non-related events have an impact on the way and where we work. Everything from natural disasters to terrorist attacks to pandemics.
  4. It is possible to love doing your job, have great coworkers, work from home and be effective!
  5. When you schedule a Friday meeting, you are getting death stares from all invitees.😬
  6. A job takes up a lot of time, you should make sure you enjoy what you do!
  7. Work can be done from anywhere!
  8. Knowledge is key! The best employees want to continue learning. And the best companies provide education opportunities to employees!
  9. Ideas make a business go round… But, if you hear the CEO, John Vivadelli, say, “I just read this book…” you might want to run!
  10. Dogs are absolutely the best coworkers, especially at the office.
  11. Even when things seem really hard, or even impossible, the AQ team always comes together and makes it work.
  12. A small team doesn’t mean less gets done, it just means you become determined to get even more done.
  13. Sometimes it takes 2-3 explanations for people outside of AQ to understand what we do. Hoteling isn’t reserving a room in a hotel… Hot Desking isn’t when you spill hot coffee on your desk…
  14. Check and respect people’s calendars!
  15. Self-motivation goes a long way in being successful. A person who waits to be told what to do…will not do well.
  16. It helps to find fun things to work on to break up the monotony of day-to-day work. And get recognized for it.
  17. It’s ok to say “No” to your boss, at the right time, of course.
  18. Sometimes it’s best to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.
  19. You are stronger than you think you are. And can do things that you thought you could never do.
  20. Deliver bad news first and fast.
  21. The only thing that is constant is change. You must always be learning. You cannot be set in your ways. You must constantly adapt to changes in the industry and in technology.  Many companies fail at doing this. This is why AgilQuest is still here after 27 years, with the ability to adapt, improve, and succeed.
  22. The industry is always EVOLVING. AgilQuest has seen the industry’s needs evolve, witnessed the birth of hoteling and the hybrid workplace, and experienced two shifts in the workforce’s majority generation from Boomers (til 2011), to Gen X, then to Millennials in 2016!
  23. The whole concept behind office hoteling was mind-blowing and gave an entirely new perspective around how valuable office space is, and what we (AgilQuest) can do to help our customers measure and manage it.
  24. To be a thought leader in an industry means continually learning, changing, and growing. At conception, AgilQuest created an on-premise software for large, enterprise companies to manage their office resources. It was THE solution until it wasn’t. With the digital boom and the new flexible, work from anywhere, a cloud SaaS solution for companies of all sizes was necessary. So, Forum was born.
  25. It’s all about Transparency, Honesty, and Trust. Employees want to work for, and people want to buy from a company they trust. And it’s pretty easy to just be honest and transparent about what’s going on in the AQ world!
  26. It’s up to the company to create a workplace the people LOVE to work at! Wherever that may be.
  27. It takes empowered, happy employees and wonderful, loyal customers to keep the wheels of AgilQuest running. We couldn’t do it without them!

What we know is 27 years isn’t enough! We are so excited for the years ahead of us. We will continue to learn and grow and make sure we are providing the best solution and service to companies in need!

What have you learned in your years of work? Comment below.

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