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Are Your Workplace Decisions Driven by Toxic Data?

AgilQuest’s Advanced Analytics are so accurate, it’s spooky!

The true cost of corporate real estate is often terrifying for organizations, especially when your people are crying out for more space, but you’re certain you’ve made the right allocations. It’s starting to feel like the Twilight Zone!

Or perhaps your organization has succumbed to a far more chilling truth. You’ve become the victim of… Toxic Data!

As the modern workplace is taking hold as the new normal, and people are spending as much as 60% of their time working remotely, many organizations rely on one or more systems for managing resource reservations and collecting key utilization data.

But often systems may not communicate effectively together, giving rise to the two-headed monster that is a double-booking, or reservations that get bumped in the night. And the most feared of all, unreliable analytics and security breaches – the scourge of TOXIC DATA!

Whether your organization is a multi-facility enterprise or a co-working space rental start-up, AgilQuest has the right-size software to forever change the way you approach work.

With the combination of OnBoard and Commander BI, organizations are finding ways to not only consolidate their space portfolio, but use those real-estate savings to offset costs and even fund further renovations.

Small to medium-size businesses and other space providers are relying on the cloud-based agilquest platform and built-in analytics to manage space and even rent space to clients, prospects and the public.

AgilQuest products are configurable to your organization and provide secure, reliable utilization data that is measured consistently, continuously and systematically to give you an accurate portrait of how people use your space.

Contact our workplace professionals for a hauntingly customized demo that you can really sink your teeth into!

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