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Increasing Utilization with Meeting Reminder Emails

You know you have a meeting today at 1pm because it is on your calendar.  You reserved a conference room months ago, but the problem is you cannot remember whether it’s the large conference room on the 5th floor, or the 12th floor, or even the 20th floor!

Large corporations often have large office buildings with numerous conference rooms and workspaces, and a great deal of productivity is lost during a day trying to determine exactly where a meeting or reserved desk actually is located.   An easy solution is to use a system that includes meeting room reminder emails, so just as you receive an appointment reminder just before a meeting, these reminders will alert you of your reservation time and location.

While it may seem like an obvious solution, many organizations still rely on manual conference room management.  Technology should make it easy to find the best places to work and collaborate, and make it easy to check-in or even cancel the room if it’s no longer needed.   Meeting room reminder emails are just another opportunity to increase the utilization of the rooms, and can insure the space doesn’t sit empty if the meeting was cancelled or rescheduled.

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