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Meeting Room Booking with Exchange and Outlook Integration

If your employees already use Outlook, OWA or Teams for scheduling meetings, why not create a seamless experience by allowing them to book a meeting space from the very same platform?

AgilQuest agrees, and our new, two-way, integration between Microsoft’s Exchange Server and AgilQuest’s Forum workplace scheduling system allows users to quickly and easily reserve a meeting room directly from a Microsoft Exchange client such as Outlook, Teams, or OWA. The Forum Exchange integration automatically creates a corresponding reservation in the Forum system where the user can then add any advanced features or services, if needed.

This means users can reserve meeting rooms in the same interface they already know so well, while participating in the far more sophisticated workplace management system that is AgilQuest’s Forum.  No more toggling from one system to another to match dates and times.

  • Microsoft Exchange clients (Windows and Mac versions of Outlook, OWA, smartphones, etc.) allow users to select the resource (meeting room, conference room, etc.) and when they need it
  • Forum provides advanced features such as notifications, catering, equipment, group policies, auto-bump, presence verification, advanced analytics, and more
  • Interfaces and integrations from Forum provide access to these reservations far beyond the reach of Microsoft clients to digital signage, phone switching, GPS-based smartphones, smart buildings, etc.
  • Reservations and real use of space, no matter where they originated, can now be analyzed and reported via Forum’s built-in Analytics to show actual utilization, unmet demand, no shows, and much more

Differentiating from an Outlook plugin model, a direct integration with the Microsoft Exchange via the Exchange Web Services API allows the Forum Exchange integration to provide:

  • Stable and documented bidirectional communication with Microsoft Exchange
  • Easier, trouble-free deployments in very large environments (no client-side software to install on thousands of laptops and desktops)
  • Broader access to Forum functionality from interfaces other than Outlook. Including, but not limited to, Microsoft Team, OWA, Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Learn more about our Exchange Integration here

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