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New York Times Highlights Hoteling Success at GSA

Hoteling has become so popular with business and government that media like The New York Times have finally recognized this space-saving and people-pleasing technique as newsworthy. Hooray for hoteling and high-fives to the leaders at GSA, who are using AgilQuest’s OnBoard technology to make it easy!

In the July 7th article, NYT interviews the executives at GSA, a couple of industry voices and some of the actual workers in their flagship headquarters office. The article reveals the intent and drive behind these major workplace changes as well how they appeal to many workers while confounding older ones.

With something like 2.6 million office workers in the executive branch alone, the opportunity for savings, to organizations and to their workforces, is staggering. Even at half deployment and ease-to-reach 2:1 worker-to-workspace ratio, that would mean the government could avoid the operating costs for around 650,000 desks at $14,000 per year each. That’s a whopping $9.1B a year in federal government savings and untold millions in individual worker savings.

Read more about this outstanding program and BookIt, their re-branded version of AgilQuest’s OnBoard, in this New York Times article on GSA’s workplace transformation project. For even more information, join us at the Agile Workplace Conference and hear from Mika Cross, Kate Lister, Janet Pogue and others for their insight and firsthand experience with this project.

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