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Office Hoteling Using A Mobile App

When implementing a new office hoteling system throughout your organization, it’s very important to cater to the ways employees presently like to use technology. Making your workplace optimization system convenient and easy to use will increase employee buy-in, improve utilization and provide greater accuracy for actual use of space.

Employees are more mobile than ever and are more engaged with technology that can provide them with services wherever they are, like smartphones. Considering how employees like interacting with that technology, and offering them options for use that they will find most convenient, will help them embrace, adopt and utilize the new workplace optimization system and office hoteling process.

For example, almost everything for business today can be done from your smartphone. People enjoy the hyper mobile convenience of having the information and functionality they need at their fingertips with location intelligence to deliver personalized service wherever they are. This is why AgilQuest’s OnBoard workplace management system brings location based services (LBS) to hoteling in an app for iPhone and Android.

There is no more need to log into a website, stand in line at a kiosk or look for an empty desk to check-in. Bringing location-based services to office hoteling thru a mobile app means that checking in and out is easy. The OnBoard app uses a geo-fence to determine if you are eligible to check in to your reservation(s). The edge of the geo-fence from the facility is determined by a setting in the OnBoard database. If the geo-fence is set to half a mile, you won’t be able to check in unless your phone’s location indicates that you are less than half a mile from the building.

The OnBoard app also makes it easier to change plans on the fly. This means you can also expect higher utilization as hotelers release their reservations when they leave the office and free up those resources for others to use that same day. With higher usage comes greater check-in accuracy for space planners and greater efficiency.

As part of a centralized robust reservation management system, the OnBoard mobile app provides operational ‘big data’ that large enterprises and global organizations need for a modern, productive workplace. Tapping into the vast mobile technology use that already exists among your employees can help the new workplace optimization system succeed in meeting adoption, utilization and efficiency goals and make office hoteling more convenient for usage.

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