The OnBoard Workplace Management System seats more people into fewer desks, simplifying meeting and conference room management.

Make a Reservation Page

OnBoard has an intuitive design and helpful features like custom floor plan view.

OnBoard is an enterprise-level workplace management system, similar to IWMS, that helps large companies utilize their space more effiently. It is robust with a large portfolio of customizations including integration with Microsoft Exchange and Google calendar.

More than just an off-the-shelf hoteling and hot desking software, OnBoard uses best practices from real-world enterprise workplace programs to automate reservation processes, maintain accurate and reliable reservations, and support a modern, collaborative workforce.

Whether you have permanent or unassigned seating, OnBoard’s interfaces and hardware options, and accurate utilization data deliver freedom and flexibility to the workplace.

OnBoard Interfaces & Integrations

OnBoard Mobile Devices

OnBoard integrates seamlessly with the most popular devices and interfaces

The OnBoard Workplace Management System is unique in it’s adaptability to an organization’s hardware and functionality needs. There are a wealth of available features and interfaces that make the OnBoard the right fit for your organization.

  • OnBoard for Exchange
  • Digital Signage and Wayfinding
  • OnBoard Advanced Catering
  • OnBoard Free Address
  • More…
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