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Stop FWC, Start Running Seamless Meetings

Tired of spending the first 7 minutes of every meeting FWC (F***king with Computers)?


It happens to us all; we go into a meeting, open our computers, connect to the same software that worked seamlessly yesterday, and… nothing. You can’t see them. They can’t hear you. The room was double booked. And on and on and on.

Every time we find ourselves having a conversation about this very issue here at AgilQuest, we turn to this video for a laugh. If this isn’t how most of your conference calls go, then you must tell us your secrets.

We love technology issues for the humor it provides but it would be nice for once to run a smooth, problem-free meeting. Especially when trying to impress your boss or customer.

That’s why AgilQuest teamed up with Intel® to help you knock their socks off during that next conference call.

AgilQuest’s Forum room booking software allows you to book a room and check-in via Digital Sign, Mobile App or Web Browser. Then when you check-in for your reservation, Intel Unite® connects displays, employees and a mix of technologies instantly, leaving you with only the task of making it through yet another meeting.

Plus, with a long list of available plugins, you can add your teleconferencing tools like Skype for Business, in-room controls, whiteboarding and more with ease.


The Intel Unite solution enables seamless collaboration and easy integration with existing conference room technology to offer your teams a phenomenal environment to innovate and collaborate. Because we want your meeting experience to be the complete opposite of the video above.

But warning! Don’t get too good, or you’ll literally end up in charge of ALL meetings.


Learn more about our Intel Unite integration –

Room Kiosk Interactive Digital Meeting Room Display AgilQuest Workplace Resources - Room Kiosk AgilQuest’s Room Booking Software Integrates with Intel Unite® Solution for a Seamless Meeting Experience

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