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Visioning Your Workplace

A key management challenge in transforming traditional office space into a flexible work environment is minimizing risk.

Today’s employees demand a flexible work environment that keeps pace with their constantly changing needs. Technology has untethered them from their fixed desks and freed them to work from anywhere. Many organizations have found that redesigning their workplace systems can lead to enhanced employee satisfaction, improved collaboration and higher productivity, and reduced capital outlays for office space.

A key management challenge in transforming traditional office space into a flexible work environment is minimizing risk.  Our Agile Workplace Methodology guides this transition and sets the stage for success.

Visioning is the first step in the Agile Workplace Methodology. In the Visioning process you should document your workplace environment and identify goals, objectives, business drivers and metrics.

Whether your objective is to improve productivity, reduce real estate costs, house additional staff in current facilities, or enhance your organization’s “green” reputation, you will need to measure the success of your program.  As part of the Visioning process, you will be introduced to processes and tools that will help you gather the data necessary for accurate and continuous measurements.

These can include:

  • Tracking and maintaining seat assignments for all personnel
  • Identifying space vacancies
  • Supporting annual space charge backs
  • Establishing baseline mobility measures
  • Systematically gathering data on the use of each workspace and each person’s use of space
  • Pre- and post-pilot satisfaction surveys

The visioning process brings together the key executives of the organization to agree on a coordinated plan for defining and implementing your workplace strategy. The benefits are substantial:

  • Creation of a firm foundation for the business process changes to be implemented
  • Determination of value for both the individuals affected and the organization
  • Identification of the technology solutions needed to implement the workplace strategy
  • Identification of the processes and procedures that may need to change in order to implement the strategy
  • Identification of the metrics needed to measure success
  • Identification and evaluation of possible facility changes needed for implementation

The final product is a high-level plan that will guide you step-by-step through the implementation process.

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