AgilQuest is excited to announce Advanced Catering for OnBoard, which allows users the unprecedenting convenience of reserving meeting rooms and ordering contract foodservice, catering and workplace hospitality all from one system.

The advanced catering in our new version of OnBoard will make ordering food people like easier than ever before, it will reduce the paperwork and scheduling problems that catering vendors suffer, and will help everyone in the office have a better, more-enjoyable experience while they are working and meeting.

For the first time employees can book meetings and conference space, and order the catering and services at the same time. AgilQuest’s office hoteling and meeting room reservation software integrates directly to contract foodservice software vendors to provide end-to-end management and instant updates of orders, locations, and times. No more booking in one system and ordering from a completely different system.

The new Advanced Catering system is capable of menus customized to your vendors and locations. Catering, foodservice and equipment orders are sent instantly, and Reservation location, date and time changes automatically updated for foodservice vendors.



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