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New Video Reveals Stunning Workplace Transformation Inside GSA Headquarters

Less than half of the Washington DC area employees of GSA show up to work in the newly renovated headquarters… and that means their new workplace transformation program is going better than expected.

GSA 1800F image 2The General Services Administration (GSA) embarked on a workplace transformation project aimed at hitting numerous goals and has exceeded all expectations. Work Design Magazine (WDM) has just released a case study, complete with inside video and interviews, outlining how GSA complied with mandates, cut their expenses, reduced their environmental impact, and created a work environment and culture that is improving engagement and attracting today’s top talent.

WDM, a digital publishing group that explores workplace culture, research, and design, interviewed leaders at GSA, AgilQuest experts, design and architecture partner Gensler, and key personnel from The Building People, a corporate real estate and facilities consultancy. The details and story behind this federal government success are shared in the printed case study and revealed along with gorgeous footage of the historic 1800 F Street headquarters interior in a short-but-powerful video.

Compliance with the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act and an executive order mandating elimination of under-used office space, consolidation of six government buildings into just one, shifting to a 2:1 worker-to-workspace ratio, cutting energy consumption by half, and giving its people the best choices for where to work each day were all goals met and exceeded by this incredible federal government project.

GSAOfficeSince GSA deployed AgilQuest’s OnBoard workplace management system and Commander BI workplace analytics platform, they were able to provide choice, cut expenses in half, make their buildings “smart”, and instantly measure how much space they were actually using… and they discovered they still have plenty of space to grow into even with 4,400 employees supported by only 2,200 seats within the 1800F headquarters.

The video and the more-detailed PDF case study are available for instant viewing or download at or ask for a printed version at


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